Calibration service satisfaction surveys are routinely provided to our customers for feedback on our performance. The following comments have been taken from surveys received from previous customers. We strive to provide the finest service possible to our customers and these testimonials prove it.

P.C., "It has been a pleasure working with your staff. Your company has really become an asset to our company."

S.S., " Great service - timely certs."

"Continues to improve services."

"Excellent job!"

T.J., " I got timely responses on questions/concerns."

"Overall very good service."

G.D., "Good work."

T.B., "It was a pleasure working with Precision Metrology."

T.C., "I am very pleased with your service."

C.C., "No improvement needed."

J.B., "Precision Metrology goes out of their way to make sure everything goes the customers way."

G.H., "The shipping/receiving is Great."

"Precision Metrology interrupted their schedule to deal with our emergency, it was very appreciated."

R.O., "Excellent service, great people to work with, keep up the good work."

M.R., "The technicians that were in our facility, did a great job."

J.S., "I was very pleased with everything."

M.W., "We appreciate the assistance and excellent support."

D.W., "Service was well planned, I have no problems."

J.N., "I have always had excellent service."

H.S., "Precision Metrology has polite and professional employees."

B.C., "Excellent service! Keep it up!"

G.B., "Your company has exceeded my expectations once again!"

M.B., "Excellent work! - I wish you could handle all of my lab equipment!"

J.N., "Your technicians have always done an excellent job!"

M.C., "I have never had a problem with your company or employees."

K.P., " We appreciate all of your services you perform for us. You do a wonderful job and the turnaround is Great!"

L.A., "I am very satisfied with the service we have received from Precision Metrology."

C.C., "I appreciate the quick turnaround on certifications."

J.V., "Good service, Thank you!"

D.F., "All service done by Precision Metrology is excellent!"

G.K., "We are very pleased with your services!"

J.E., "Keep up the Excellent work!"

B.B., "Keep up the good work!"

R.D., "Please keep up the great work."

M.G., "You are great!"

S.J., "We have used Precision Metrology continuously over the last few years with no problems!"

M.B., "I appreciate the attention to detail Precision Metrology provides, it makes my job easier."

K.P., "Service has been great!"

J.O., "I feel very good about your service!"

J.B., "Your service is very good!"

L.M., "Keep up the Excellent work!"

J.A., "Your service is extremely efficient."

K.W., "We have always had excellent service."

W.R., "Keep up the Great work!"

J.W., "Thanks!"

P.H., "Couldn't wish for a better service. Your company is the BEST!"

J.S., "Keep up the good work!"

M.O., "Thank you for your recent assistance on the resolution to my scheduling dilemma. It's nice to know that our suppliers "step up" and assist when the need rises."

K.T., "I am very pleased with the performance you have provided us."

T.P., "Always good service."

"Always an excellent job!"

D.W., "Good job, as always!"

E.H., "Very good service."

K.P., "I have been very happy with services."

J.B., "Details of service, Excellent!"

R.H., "The service provided by Precision Metrology has exceeded my expectations for timeliness and accuracy."

J.S., "Best service provider I have dealt with in a long time!"

D.K., "Very pleased!"

K.P., "Excellent rating of company."

T.P., "Over the years, I have never received less than excellent service!"

"Everyone I have dealt with has done a good job - Thank you."

L.A., "I am very pleases with the service from Precision Metrology thus far."

"Keep it up!"

J.V., "Exceeded expectations!"

K.P., "Very pleased with service."

C.B., "Keep up the good work."

J.M., "I am very pleased with the service Precision Metrology performs."

J.Z., "I have been very satisfied with all aspects of your company so far."

R.R., "Keep up the good work."

S.D., "Your service was prompt, courteous, and thorough. It was also very price competitive. Keep up the good work."

C.W., "I was pleased with the service done on the optical comparator - I look forward to future business!"

T.P., "I have always had excellent service!"

B.H., "Very satisfied with service."

L.N., "Excellent!"

M.J., "Services have been excellent for my company, thanks Precision Metrology."

K.P., "All work is excellent!"

A.F., "I enjoy working with Precision Metrology, everyone is very nice and helpful. It is a wonderful service that you provide of picking up our instruments at our facility."

J.S., "Great service and phone contact."

M.M., "I am very happy with the service provided by Precision Metrology."

A.F., "The pickup service is Great!"

K.J., "I am extremely happy with your services and I will continue to use your services."

G.F., "Don't change anything, everything is great."

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