Calibration Services

Machine Tool Calibration

Periodic calibration of your machine tools ensures performance and establishes the required schedule for maintenance. By combining the latest technology in laser optics and high-speed digital electronics, Precision Metrology utilizes the SPI 5-D laser for calibrating the following types of machine tools-
  • Machine Centers
  • Horizontal & Vertical
    Milling Machine
  • Lathes
  • Boring Mills
  • Horizontal & Vertical
    Spindle Machine Centers
  • Jig Bore Machines

"Rapid Machine Tool Error Assessment" becomes a reality, based on the speed of measurements using the 5-D laser. With one single setup we are able to obtain linear, straightness (X and Y), pitch, yaw and roll for each machine axis simultaneously.

Measurement time for a typical 3-axis machine is 2-4 hours. Setup is reduced by 80%, downtime is dramatically decreased and testing is more comprehensive. With the 5â ¬ D Laser, Precision Metrology provides the best and fastest way to measure machine errors with information that is useful to the engineer.

Testing performed by Precision Metrology is in conformance with the B5.54 standard for Machine Tool Calibration and will design tests to your specific needs.

A Ballbar is one of the most powerful all-around tools for CNC evaluation and is the single best device for checking the contouring accuracy of machine tools. Ballbar tests show how two axes work together to move the machine in a circular path. In a perfect machine, two axes would make a perfect circle. The Ballbar test measures any deviation the machine makes from a perfect circle and displays the data in a polar plot format. By analyzing the data, errors such as backlash, servo-error, periodic error, scale mismatch and squareness can be determined. A certificate of calibration is provided for every machine tool calibration including comprehensive data and positioning plots. All of the equipment used in calibration is traceable to the NIST.


In Plant Time/Labor
$125.00 per hour
Certificate of Calibration
Travel Expenses charged at cost

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