Calibration Services

Hard Gage Calibration

Precision Metrology specializes in the calibration and certification of all types of hard gages, fixtures, and functional gages. Our state of the art laboratory is environmentally controlled to 68º±2ºF assuring you the highest standard of accuracy and reliability. All of our equipment is state of the art and is equipped with more universal length measuring machines than any other lab in the USA.

Our laboratory is equipped with the following standards-
  • Four Fowler TULM universal length measuring machines
  • Technomess-Twin check 24" ultra precision laser length measuring system with temperature compensation capabilities
  • Pratt and Whitney 120" super micrometer with .000010" resolution scale and readout capabilities
  • 48", 36", 24", and 12" linear gage block stacks
  • Two Fowler Trimos 36" Vertical III X/Y measuring systems
  • 2 Fowler Internal/External Universal gages
  • Edmunds 20" gage block comparator
  • IMS DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Mitutoyo surface analyzer
  • Large variety of master set plugs/NPT Masters
  • Concentricity Tester
  • 3 large grade A & AA surface plates
  • Mitutoyo Optical Comparator

Services performed by our hard gage calibration lab are A2LA accredited.
Please refer to our scope of accreditation.
  • Acme, Buttress, British, German (DIN STD.) Rings & Plugs
  • Angle Blocks
  • Angle Plates
  • Calibration Balls
  • Check Width Gages
  • Concentricity Gages
  • Cylindrical & Flat Plug Gages to 24"
  • Cylindrical Rings to 36"
  • Feeler Gages
  • Filet Gages
  • Flush Pin Gages
  • Gage block/linear stacks 48"
  • Gage Blocks to 20"
  • Gear Wires
  • Kalmasters
  • Keyway Gage
  • Leitech Masters & Thread Plugs
  • Master Setting Discs to 24"
  • Micrometer Length Standards (up to 120")
  • Micrometer Masters
  • NPT, NPTF, BSPT & ANPT Threaded Ring & Plug Gages
  • Optical Flats
  • Parallels
  • Pin Gages
  • Pitch Mic Standards
  • Precision Diameter Tapes
  • Precision Scales
  • Precision Measuring Rules
  • Protractors
  • Radius Gages
  • Screw Pitch Gages
  • Set Masters
  • Sine Bars
  • Snap Gages
  • Spacer Blocks
  • Specialty Type Gages & Fixtures
  • Spline Gages
  • Squares
  • Tapered Plug & Ring Gages
  • Telescoping Gages
  • Thickness Gages
  • Thread Length Standards
  • Thread Measuring Wires
  • Thread Pitch Gages
  • Thread Ring & Plugs to 18"
  • Tru-Position Gages
  • And Much more..…

Precision Metrology has a complete library of procedures, standards and specifications to assure that your gages are calibrated to meet specified class and designation. We pride ourselves in the attention and detail given to every gage, assuring that every calibration is performed with accuracy, precision and to your requirements. Prior to calibration sealing wax is removed and gages are cleaned, demagnetized, and inspected for wear. Gages are checked for nicks and burrs, which are stoned and removed as necessary. Every gage is stabilized at 20°C prior to calibration. Gages are entered into our Labmate Metrology Management system with proper description, sizes and nomenclature. For fixtures and functional gages, sizes and accuracy specifications are entered as a permanent part of our database for all subsequent calibrations. Prior to shipment critical gaging surfaces are coated in dipseal to prevent damage.

A certificate of calibration is issued for every instrument ID number along with long form readings. Every certificate of calibration issued by Precision Metrology meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008. All calibrations are performed using standards traceable to the NIST.

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